Spiritual advisor RT Boss feels a way! Leader claims to be the man behind Spice’s success

Popular spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith is claiming that dancehall artiste Spice has been an ungrateful client.

The spiritual leader has long been associated and seen with the dancehall deejay over the years, but has never, before now, admitted to helping her through his services.

Smith said he was finally driven to speak his truth because he claims she broke her end of the agreement to help him transition into music. 

“When Spice come to me, I say to her, ‘from this forth, 2011 go right up to 2020, you’re going to be the queen of dancehall. You’re going to be successful. But one thing I ask you to do when time you become that queen, help me come in the career’. She said, ‘no problem’,” he said.

According to him, he started working with Spice in 2011 after she came up in a reading he was doing for another female.

Broken promise

He pointed to her 2012 Sting appearance, which he said she was afraid to tackle because of word that there were plans to sabotage her. Smith claimed he helped her with her grand entrance. Spice won the clash and cash prize, and Smith can be seen behind her in an interview she did with Boomshots afterwards.

He continued by claiming to have given her a special bath ahead of her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta interview and even played voice notes between them where he advised her to bleach her skin for the promotion of Black Hypocrisy.

He claims he has also advised her regarding people in her life, including her former friend Lady Saw (now Minister Marion Hall).


He did give Spice credit for getting him a visa but said she only did so to keep their relationship out of the inquisitive eyes of Jamaicans.

“She nuh waan nobody know mi deh round har,” he said. “Notice that anywhere in the US a me and Spice, but you never see me and har in Jamaica nowhere like that? Is mostly in foreign you see me post all of mi video dem because she fear to acknowledge me in the Jamaica realms because people a go seh mi a obeah man.”

Smith further claimed that Spice started to backpedal on her promise to help him last year.

“Mi obligated fi badmind, mi obligated fi talk tings. I built that girl by my mouth, no evil, by advice,” he said.

Spice is yet to respond to his claims.