Spragga Benz says the “bigger heads” are plotting against him and Buju Banton

Jamaican artiste Spragga Benz says the powers that be are plotting against him and his Rastafarian peer Buju Banton.

Spragga Benz

The Rasta Run The World deejay shared this in a video post online yesterday, following his and Banton’s longtime public denouncing of the COVID-19 vaccination program and their belief that the pandemic was planned to roll out a new world order.

“Di bigger heads dem weh a plan and a scheme ‘gainst me and Buju and all a di other artistes dem weh unno a plan ‘gainst, yuh think seh politics have nothing fi do wid this?” he asked. “Unno alright yah man… People unno look to Jah. People, this vaccination thing weh dem a come wid is not nothing fi unno run into.”

“Jah seh we only ordained to die once so anytime unno free me from out a dah body yah, weh me inna as a soul, what else unno a go do?”

– Spragga Benz

The 52-year-old has faced criticism over the past few months for his views, with several folks claiming that he is an affiliate of the People’s National Party. The US-based artiste, however, declares that he is not associated with any party, which he hinted could be the cause of the supposed plot against him.

“As a man mi get fi know myself and as a youth me and my friend dem never tek side fi run up behind nuh politician and get nuh favours from dem. Red Square we name… We build fi we owna self and dat a what cause we and people fi inna vibes all the while because we never a run back a no politician.”

He further denied gaining any monetary benefit from openly rebelling against the vaccination program.

“We nah do this fi money, mi nuh run dung money. Mi a probably one a di poorest artist dem… Jah just put me in a position until a time when him use mi fi weh him a use mi fah and this a di time and di time a fi talk up against injustice and the things dem weh mi see a happen in front a me face.”

He added, “From mi a likkle youth mi hear Rastaman a talk bout microchip, mi hear Rastaman a talk bout new world order…and mi see the people dem a laugh after Rastaman from dem time deh… see it yah now…”

He insinuated that his stance could threaten his life but added that he will not restrain his voice as he wants people to unite and exercise more wisdom.

“Jah seh we only ordained to die once so anytime unno free me from out a dah body yah, weh me inna as a soul, what else unno a go do?… Whatever will be, will be, but that still nah go stop me from seh weh mi haffi seh because mi nah seh it fi me, mi a seh it fi Jah.”