Spragga Benz shooting Second Chances movie

Spragga Benz seems to be keeping busy, as he has revealed that he is currently working on a new movie entitled Second Chances.

It’s unclear what his actual role in the flick is, but based on highlighted sections of a script that he shared on his Instagram page, it seems that Spragga could be playing a character listed as ‘David’.

He captioned that initial post “Second Chance… Movie in the making,” and has since made additional posts providing more insight for the project, such as showing the location of the shoot taking place.

Since his posts on social media, the entertainer has been getting support from his colleagues. Singer Wayne Wonder, who commented “Up move fam” was among those voicing their support online.

He had to quell the excitement of fans by clarifying that this project isn’t a shoot for another installment of Shottaz, as a number of people were asking what role he was playing, since he died in the first movie. Spragga was quick to explain that this was a different movie.

Spragga Benz is no stranger to the big screen, having appeared in the classic Shottaz film, which also featured the talents of fellow entertainers Ky-mani Marley and the now deceased Louie Rankin who played the infamous ‘Teddy Brukshut’.