Spragga Benz’s latest photos are giving… Wayne?

Dancehall deejay Spragga Benz is apparently distracting women from their work and bringing back memories of his rudeboy character Wayne with his latest photos.

The Born Good Looking entertainer pleased many of his Instagram followers on Thursday morning when he uploaded photos of himself, seemingly after a workout. The images were not only a heart-eyes emoji treat because he rarely posts photos of himself, but because he was shirtless.

Rocking a tan turban, liberation-coloured necklace, light grey Michael Adams boxer briefs and dark grey sweat shorts, the artiste showed-off his lean upper body, abs and muscles in two photos. A third photo captured him in a mid-air pose at what looked like a sporting facility. 

Benz wrote, “#rebelnationrise.. be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.”

While his words oozed self-discipline and self-care, his body created a time warp to his 2002 Shottas role of the ladies-swarming gangster.

“Omg WAYNE,” one woman commented. 

“Okay Wayne,” wrote another with a slew of hearts and fire emojis.

“Rasta u need to stop it. I’m working.”

“Laaaaarrrrrrddddd you sexy man.”

“This man knows he’s fine.”

“Omg my heart just melted.”

“Too damn hot, guh put on shirt.”

“If taking care of your temple was a person.”

However, not everyone was happy with what they saw. One user wrote, “Need some cornmeal porridge skinny dude.”

In the internet’s undefeated style, someone came to Benz’s defense. 

“Yes King! Good health is wealth. Excellent example for the youth and adults alike. It’s always the fat and out of shape chicks calling us lean and in shape men too skinny.”

It doesn’t seem the artiste is preoccupied with what anyone thinks about his body or the images. After all, he has more positive things to focus on like his upcoming 52nd birthday on Sunday.