Sprint great Asafa Powell gets his own statue, social media is horrified

As his statue towers over him, Jamaican sprint sensation Asafa Powell (centre) mimics the pose with Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right) and Minister of Culture Olivia Grange at Independence Park on Sunday (Photo: Kevin Ferguson/BUZZ)

Jamaican speedster Asafa Powell was officially immortalised in bronze, with a statue in his honour on Sunday (Feb. 9), to commemorate his contribution to track and field.

Now, as many Jamaicans celebrate the iconic milestone, some have taken to social media to voice their confusion as to why the image of the former world record holder bears little to no resemblance to him.

Guys, maybe it’s not that bad.

*takes a look*

Well, BUZZ fam, they got the abs right!

I must say, I have a few questions…

If after the maquette got Asafa’s blessing, do you mean to tell me this is how he sees himself?

Was Asafa only concerned with how his chiselled torso looked?

Speaking of, why is Asafa’s statue the only one that isn’t fully clothed?

I’ll take “Hypocrisy” for $200, Alex!

Since this was a part of the calendar, how does this tie into ‘Reggae Month’?

Listen, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for honouring our sporting greats but as the democratic society we pride ourselves as being, we should also be prepared to face the music once expectations are not met – and I’m clearly not the only one.

That statue is pure nightmare fuel, and this is coming from a horror fan.

Kudos to the Ministry of Culture, nonetheless and congratulations for an honour well deserved, Asafa.

Excuse me as I cringe indefinitely.