Spurred by social media, fast-acting JCF de-escalates domestic dispute in Portmore

Initially reported as a kidnapping, one Westchester resident saw a woman in distress and brought the incident to the attention of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, which acted quickly to pinpoint her location.

It has its faults, but sometimes social media can be a great tool for mobilising a quick response, and on Saturday (May 30), the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is thanking citizens for bringing a domestic dispute to their attention this morning in Portmore, St Catherine.

While the incident was initially reported as an active kidnapping, the JCF, in a statement said that upon their investigation and subsequent intervention, the woman was indeed in distress but not abducted.

According to the statement, the incident took place at 9:00 am, when a resident saw a car driving along Westchester Drive. Inside the vehicle, a woman was aboard screaming for her life, which prompted a series of tweets.

“The police immediately launched an investigation into a possible case of abduction. The Police Emergency Communication Centre scanned the registration plates of the vehicle believed to be involved the in the incident,” the JCF wrote.

The communications arm of the police further noted that within minutes, investigators were able to identify both the owner and driver of the vehicle. Units were dispatched to locate the owner, who lives in St. Catherine, while another police team was sent to make checks in the Westchester area.

“Using technology, the vehicle and the driver were located along with the woman. Both parties assured investigators that they are, in fact, in an intimate relationship and were earlier having a conflict,” the police statement continued.

The JCF indicated that neither party expressed a desire to file any charges, however, the couple was referred to the Domestic Violence Intervention Centre for counselling.

“The police would like to thank persons on social media as well as those in the community for their sensitivity to the matter and their assistance in helping the police with a swift investigation,” the JCF said.