Steel Pulse championing cause for climate change with new single

Steel Pulse (Photo via The Guardian)

On Friday, Steel Pulse released their latest single, Only One World. And, by all indications the roots reggae band seemed to be championing the climate positivity cause.

 “Far away to the north, it’s melting ice across the Arctic. This warming is a warning of the shape of things to come,” read some of the track’s lyrics. Lamenting that we only have one world to sustain humanity, the track encourages persons to do their part to reverse the effects of climate change.

Friday also marked the final day of the COP26 Conference in Glasgow. The conference was being held to come up with solutions to the increasingly devastating effects of climate change including global warming. Participants at the COP26 conference are aiming to limit global warming to 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels.

Climate change is now considered one of the greatest threats to the planet’s sustainability.

“On this, the last day of COP26, Grammy-winning legends Steel Pulse have a message for us: we must come together to tackle the world’s wickedest problems – because there is no Planet B,” the song’s synopsis on YouTube read.

This is not the first time the band has lent their voice to the issue of climate change. In 2004, Steel Pulse released the track Global Warming which spoke about reversing the effects of climate change. The song appeared on their album, African Holocaust.