Stepdaddy Justin? Spice’s boyfriend helps her daughter with pop quiz

It seems Spice’s boyfriend, Justin Budd, is already playing a fatherly role in the life of her children.

Spice and her boyfriend, Justin Budd.

On Wednesday, Budd shared a screenshot of a video call between him and Spice’s daughter, Nicholatoy. In it, he appeared to be helping out with her studies.

In the image, the youngster is seen covering her face.

“POP QUIZ! How do you Spell… Cover your eyes baby girl no cheating. 🇺🇸 + 🇯🇲 @spiceofficial #LoveMyBiscuit,” he captioned the image.

In no time, the post was flooded with comments from people who were happy that Budd was stepping up to the plate and assisting with the children.

“Justin for the bbc win.. Father this naa ask christ.., talk truth,” one social media user commented.

“I’m so happy for @spiceofficial a man that loves your kids loves all off you,” another added.

Peace and happiness

Spice playing with her kids, Nicholas and Nicholatoy.

Others warned Budd against hurting Spice and her kids.

“Sweet she was waiting for this all her life duh nuh hurt r, cus if u never real u couldn’t meet dem kids, obviously u r supm to her jbud, pls stay tru n if u guys have ntn keep it off the media, cus this is nice,” one person said.

“This is just breathtaking, please stay true to Spice and her family ❤️ #AuntySpice you deserve all the peace and happiness,” another added.

But the comments were not all good.

“You don’t want the children’s them talk to them father but u waaa dem have step dad?,” one person questioned.

That comment comes after Spice and the father of her children, Nicholas Lall, had a spat on social media recently where she accused him of not taking care of their kids. In response, he said that Spice has been barring him from playing an active role in their lives.

That was just one of the many times they have argued publicly.