Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor signs major publishing deal

Jamaican producer Stephen McGregor is excited about his new deal.

Congratulations are in order for Grammy-nominated producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor who recently inked a deal with publishing giant Warner Chappell Music.

“2020 bout to be crazy!”

— Stephen McGregor

The company made the announcement on its Instagram page on Wednesday, and the Jamaica-born producer confirmed the news with his own celebratory post on Thursday.

“Grateful to start the new journey with this dream team… 2020 bout to be crazy!” McGregor’s post said in part.

Royalties and income opportunities

Fellow producers Rvssian and Jordan McClure commended the ‘Big Ship’ native, as well as president of A&R in the United States at the firm, Ryan Press.

Son of reggae singer Freddie McGregor, Stephen made his production debut as a pre-teen, bringing a new generation of talent and hits to his father’s Big Ship label. But he also has credit as a songwriter, often recruited for songwriting camps in Los Angeles for major projects. He has worked on music for international acts, including Sean Paul, Shakira, Drake, Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Will.I.Am and Nelly Furtado.

Now you may be wondering what the hurrah is about. Well, the deal is quite a feat as it sees McGregor earning more royalties and income opportunities as a songwriter. A.K.A, he’ll be able to earn money whenever songs he has written are played or performed across the world.

Stephen McGregor started producing music when he was only a teenager.

Films and commercials

Warner Chappell Music stands as the publishing company of Warner Music Group – consistently among the top three record labels in the world who own 75 per cent of world music (the other two being Universal and Sony Music). The company is also home to several international songwriters and administers and publishes music from stars like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Green Day, Pharrell, Madonna, Rihanna and Lionsgate Films.

For songwriters on its roster, Stephen included, the company helps to place their music in films and commercials to reap synchronisation rights, perhaps the most attractive royalty there is. They also orchestrate songwriting camps and studio sessions for its writers to collaborate with musicians to pitch songs to megastars and ultimately cash in the big bucks.

If that isn’t enough, the firm registers songs with collection agencies across the world (like BMI and ASCAP) then monitors airplay to secure that bag, honey!

There is also the opportunity for Stephen’s work to be used in video games, which means another cute penny.

A huge BUZZ shoutout to Mcgregor on this stride in his musical journey. Now that’s genius!