Stiff crowd or lousy performance? Alkaline criticised for BRT set

Dancehall artiste Alkaline

Alkaline’s history of lacklustre live performances persists as a dark cloud over his career.

Videos of the ‘Vendetta’ boss performing at BRT Weekend’s Glow Eruption in New Jersey last night have reignited commentary about the guy with the hits who cannot perform them.

In the clips, Alkaline is seen reeling out catalogue favourites like My Side of the Story, City and ATM to a frosty crowd. His set delivery was typical: sing a few lyrics and rely on the audience to fill-in the rest, then cue to the DJ to skip to the next track. While seeing Alkaline live holds allure because of its rarity, it did not spare him from criticism that his stage craft needs work.

“Love him music but him cyah perform,” one social media user commented.

“The dawg have a lot of hits but kinda lame when performing,” chimed another.

“Bro years later and the mon still boring pon stage.”

“You know from a longer time this jus anno fi him.”

Another added, “See weh too much autotune cause? Damn ppl know the face but nuh know the voice.”

One Vendetta fan blamed the year-long quarantine for the crowd’s dull response, while some raised the issue of smartphones disrupting the concert experience.

Several patrons at the front of the stage were seen recording the deejay throughout the performance, reminiscent of his 2019 set at Dream Weekend’s World Vibes in Negril. The glaring difference, however, is the latter performance saw a significant improvement in his live delivery which was overshadowed by patrons busy capturing the moment.

Alkaline will sit in the ‘live performance hot seat’ again on July 25 for his set at Heaven on Earth, an all-white party in Maryland.