Still cancelled? Tory Lanez racks up billions in streaming numbers for 2020

Rapper Tory Lanez

As Tory Lanez looks back on his streaming numbers for the past year, he has realised something that he finds pretty amusing. Y’all didn’t cancel him like you said you would!

The Canadian rapper was embroiled in controversy since July after he was accused of shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion. He has since been charged, and if convicted faces up to 20 years in prison.

Social media remained divided throughout the months-long dispute with many calling for Tory Lanez to be cancelled. The calls grew even louder after Lanez released his album, Daystar, in which he gave his side of the story about what happened that night.

But it looks like it was all talk, y’all were still jamming to his songs. He got 1.3 billion listens on Spotify, with 75.8 million listeners from 92 countries.

And, well, Lanez is apparently having the last laugh now.

“Lmao some of y’all going thru your minutes on playlist and realizing u didn’t really cancel sh*t ….. love u too,” he tweeted.

“IM INDEPENDENT ….. WHICH MEANS … MY CHILD IS EATING OFF THAT 1.3 BILLION STREAMS !!!! Sh*t is crazy !!!! #Blessings!!,” he said while promising “To Do Better[Number] Next Year.”