Still mi sista! Pamputtae is standing by her friend, Spice

Dancehall artiste Spice is facing attacks from all angles, but her friend, Pamputtae, has pledged to stand by her side.

Pamputtae and Spice

The So Mi Like It artiste has been in the news a lot lately, and the allegations have been many. She has been accused of practising obeah, and there were even claims that she has been trying to block the success of other female entertainers.

But she has denied all these claims.

People have even tried to pull Pamputtae into the mix, as they say Spice has not been helping with her music career.

But Pamputtae, who did Slim vs Fluffy with Spice in 2013, is not having any of that mess, and she has spoken out in defence of her friend.

“Song are no Song with spice mi still a live and mi still a eat …mi look good to…uno f**k off and stay away from mi DM …still mi fren still mi sista,” she said in an Instagram post on Thursday.

Spice is yet to comment on that post, but it seems she already feels the love based on a comment she made on a picture that Pamputtae shared with both of them recently.

“Love you forever My sister ✊🏿 it’s just the way you never get badmind for me,” Spice said.