Still no refund, but Xaymaca is giving revellers a gift

Xaymaca, like the other bands, will not be giving revellers a refund, but they have promised a few incentives for the April 2021 staging of Carnival in Jamaica.

Xaymaca’s band launch was held in November 2019.

On Friday, it was announced that Carnival in Jamaica will be pushed back to April 11, 2021. This is after being postponed from April 2020 to October 2020.

Although there is a no-refund policy for costumes, revellers have been asking for their money back. The carnival bands, however, made it clear that the policy would not change even though the event has been ‘postponed’ for a second time.

Three offers

In an attempt to appease patrons, Xaymaca is making a few offers: Those who have paid for their costumes in full will receive one free t-shirt package for a friend; If you have paid for more than 50 per cent of your costume, you will receive 50 per cent off a t-shirt package for a friend; and people who have paid for the t-shirt package in full will receive 50 per cent off a t-shirt package for a friend.

Some people are happy with the offers, but others are not quite impressed.

“Sorry, but this is not it. We need a refund. We all know that April will not happen. What will u tell us then. Do the right thing and give me back my money. I have no interest in Carnival in Jamaica. You guys left a bad taste in my mouth,” one person said.

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Meanwhile, in their statement on Monday, Xaymaca tried to explain the rationale behind postponing instead of cancelling.

“The rationale to ‘postpone’ and not to ‘cancel’ lies in the fact that the ‘carnival eco-system’ includes numerous professionals and entities that make a viable living from the staging of this annual festival. Our commitment to them as well as to you our masqueraders dictates that we uphold our previous contracts, agreements and decisions to do our part in ensuring that the economic fallout from the pandemic on the creative industry is minimal,” the statement said.