Stop calling my name! Spice’s babyfather threatens legal action against deejay

Spice’s babyfather, Nicholas Lall, is now threatening legal action against the dancehall artiste after she blasted him on social media on Tuesday.

Dancehall artiste Spice

Returning to Jamaica this week, Spice again bashed Lall, claiming that he has not been playing his role in their two children’s lives. In her videos on Tuesday, she claimed that he has not assisted with the back-to-school expenses for the kids.

Later that day, Lall also took to social media to respond to Spice.

“If you continue to call my name you’ll hear from my lawyer,” he said in an Instagram post.

But those words were said after he threw some jabs of his own.

“When will this witch stop walk and drag my name down? B***h, you block me on all medium. How the f**k I’m suppose to do sh*t when you block me,” he said.

“Whenever you not getting the attention you need on social media you call my f**king name to stay relevant. Leave my f**king name out of your mouth witch. Don’t you think you done enough damage to me already? You stole ten years of my life, let me live now. Why am I so important?”


He also said that he had asked her if the kids would have been in Jamaica or the United States so that he could send money to her, but she blocked him. In addition, he requested her Zelle information so that he could wire money to her.

Spice and Nicholas Lall at Reggae Sumfest in 2010.

But the insults didn’t end there.

“I know you are trying to stay relevant but this is not the way to find song… stop spread rumour. I WISH I COULD UN F**K YOU,” Lall said.


This latest spat is just one of the many times Spice and Lall have clashed online. They had a similar argument on Instagram about the same thing in July.