‘Stop giving away your talent’: Macka Diamond, Merciless booked for online pay-per-view concert

Macka Diamond

Social distancing has produced a myriad of free online concerts and performances over the past month, and Macka Diamond is not a fan.

The coronavirus pandemic has indefinitely disrupted show business, causing many artistes like Koffee, Agent Sasco, Chris Martin, D’Angel and Jesse Royal to perform for free over the internet, no doubt a treat for music enthusiasts worldwide.

But Macka says her peers are “giving away their talent for free, and we have to find out how we can perform online and have people give us a stipend or something”. For this reason, she’s part of a pay-per-view concert on April 25, which fans can experience for US$3.

Dancehall legend Merciless

“It’s gonna be streaming live with me, Merciless and Reggie Steppa, and we’re considering it a test run for the first show in a series to come,” Macka told BUZZ. “We’re gonna be selling tickets online and it’s an interactive platform so people can comment live.”

Dubbed ‘Reggaedemsion: Live Edition’, the concert is being organised by AGRN Promotions and Reggae World Live JA, and will be streamed via www.reggaeworldliveja.com from 12pm to 2:30pm. The acts will be backed by the Lion Pen Band, and proceeds from the show will benefit the Devon Pen Primary School in A Mary.

American neo-soul singer Erykah Badu has also charged fans for online concerts since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States.

Create income opportunities

The lockdown period has not been all bad for Macka. In fact, she said her streaming has seen a boost, particularly with her earlier catalogue.

Besides having a new fruit business, she’s also sustaining herself through promotional work and encouraged her colleagues to explore different income options.

Macka running her fruit business.

“A lot of people want me to promote, so they’ll pay me to promote videos, products and do ads, so once you keep your social media lively you’ll get some of that work,” she said. “I’m always getting dubplates even now with the online clashes going on with the sound guys, so it’s just to find something to help yourself until this goes away.”