STOP IT: Tanya Stephens believe Jamaicans are too quick to support persons accused of rape

A frustrated Tanya Stephens took to social media recently to show disgust for Jamaicans who readily support persons who have been accused of rape.

In a video she posted on Thursday, the reggae singer asked why Jamaicans were so quick to dismiss rape allegations, especially against persons in the Jamaican music industry, without any bit of evidence.

“You are always so sure they are innocent.”

— Tanya Stephens

“It always amazes me the speed at which you rush to comfort and reassure and support people accused of rape. You are sure, people you are not standing next to, you’re not in their environment and you don’t know them, you are always so sure they are innocent. And that I find extremely, excruciatingly painfully amazing,” said Tanya, who, in 2016, admitted that she was raped twice.

She ended her rant in true Jamaican style, saying: “Big up to you. Big up unuh bloodcla@$#t self.”

Interestingly, Jamaican singer Richie Stephens recently took to social media to deny rape allegations when a member of his current Australian tour accused him of sexual assault. Many Jamaicans showed unconditional support for the musician, instantly bashing the accuser.