Stop the divisiveness — Walshy Fire weighs in on dancehall vs afrobeats debate

Jamaican American DJ, MC, Walshy Fire, of Major Lazer fame, is of the view that there is too much animosity among black-dominated music genres.

His comments come in light of the fact that in recent times, battle lines seem to have been drawn between the dancehall and afro beats genres and people have been taking sides.

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One of the recent happenings that has drawn the consternation of dancehall fans, is that it seems like afrobeats is getting more airplay in the UK and some persons are livid about that.

Walshy Fire attributes this growth to the huge African diaspora in England who are eagerly supporting afro beats.

However, he believes that instead of people being divisive about the genres of music that black people have made their own, they should instead celebrate it.

Popular afrobeats artiste Davido recently collaborated with dancehall artiste Popcaan for single “Risky Business”

“These artistes are winning right now and we need to accept that,” he remarked.

He further notes that instead of fighting against each other, the aim should be to seek out the afrobeats artistes and make collaborations.