Stylo G joins says UK government should issue reparations to Jamaica

Dancehall artiste Stylo G

England-based dancehall star Stylo G is urging the UK government to issue reparations to Jamaica.

The Dumpling artiste took to social media where he made the appeal. “We be through too much depression over the years and years. England run bk some money my people still suffering whiles u lot fighting over foolishness” he wrote on his Instagram account.

As part of his post, he also uploaded a video snippet of a newscast by World In One News which detailed how Britain benefitted from slavery and Jamaica’s efforts at seeking to collect billions in reparations from its former colonizer.

Stylo G also decried the fact that despite all of what has taken place, Britain had travel restrictions for Jamaica. “And we still need visa to come England” he continued in the comments.

Since his post, he has been getting some support with one person commenting “that would do good for Jamaica, about time still” while another quipped “pay my people”.

Recently Jamaica’s Culture Minister Olivia Grange said that plans are afoot to petition the British monarchy for compensation for victims and descendants of the transatlantic slave trade.