Stylo G wants stalker to leave him alone

England-based dancehall artiste Stylo G has revealed he has a stalker and desperately wants her to leave him alone.

Dancehall artiste Stylo G

The Dumpling hit-maker recently took to Instagram to share details of his plight with his online fan base. “Lord pl help me get rid of this stalker. Yelds aka Yelanda. How can a woman be so obsessed with a man she haven’t met. Now she got my number and address smh. I don’t want you pl leave me alone” he wrote in the post while showing details of her actions which included phone calls and text messages to the artiste.

He went further to explain that the situation has been going on for over three years and has resulted in him blocking her multiple times. He now laments that he will have to change his business line because of her. “3 years of harassment over 599 pages Blocked, Now I have to change my business line for a RACIST WOMAN lv turn down years ago” while tagging her account.

A peek on the account mentioned by the artiste revealed a woman who says she is Turkish and who has set her account to private. 

Since the post, he has been a lot of support from members of his fan base with some calling on him to report her to the authorities. There were some other comments which indicated that she have been stalking them as well.