Such a tease: RiRi drops another hint about new album “R9”

BUZZ fam, it seems like any day now we could see the release of Rihanna’s highly-anticipated ninth studio album.

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In an Instagram post, the ‘Work‘ artiste updated fans that she was listening to R9 by herself and refusing to release it. That is big news because she has basically confirmed that the album is now complete and ready to be listened to.

R9 is not what we expect the album to be titled, but that’s what fans have branded it as and even Rihanna has taken a liking to it. The naming, however, remains a minor concern as everyone just wants to hear what the media-mogul is bringing to the world next.

There could possibly be a collaborative effort involving Reggae rising star Koffee. Koffeehinted earlier this year that something could be in the works and Rihanna has included Koffee in her playlist. That would be some major moves right there BUZZ fam!

While we know that Rihanna is super busy being a fashion mogul among other things, we know that everyone is waiting on her latest work – and not so patiently anymore.

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It’s been three whole years since ANTI, Rihanna – THREE YEARS.