Taboo nightclub reopens as sports lounge this weekend

Popular adult entertainment spot Taboo is set to reopen this weekend with a slight twist in that it will be operated as a sports bar and lounge.

Taboo is considered one of the hottest clubs in the island but that all changed with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. The entity was forced to shutter its doors as part of measures to deal with the pandemic.

However, with limitations still in effect on how nightclubs can operate, Taboo will return with some changes.

According to Taboo, the new set up will still feature the same vibe but less people, understandably. They note there will be sexy cocktails, wings and good music on offer. The dancers will be present but they will be in an enclosed setting. The food menu is expected to grow with demand according to the entity.

Things will kick off in Kingston this weekend and Montego Bay the following week with a strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols.