Take off, 876! American Airlines flight run only by Jamaicans goes viral

Aww, BUZZ fam, Look at us ‘Jaminating’ even American Airlines flight AA2370 last Sunday! (Photo: Twitter)

Likkle but wi tallawah, even in the skies!

Six children of the soil created history last Sunday (Feb. 23) becoming the first, all-Jamaican crew to lead an American Airline flight from Kingston to Miami.

The crew, led by Captain Robert McPherson, went viral on social media and covered everything from the cockpit to cabin staff.

McPherson was joined by First Officer Shaun Nelson and Flight Attendants Linneth Duhaney, Shanecia Witter, Mario Facey and Stanley Franklin.

It was a cool morning at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) in Kingston as American Airlines flight AA2370 was gearing up for its Miami, Florida destination.

Just after sunrise, at 6:55 am, the crew made the startling realisation that the Boeing 737-800 was being run by a capable Jamaican team—immortalising the moment in a photo.

In an interview with Caribbean National Weekly, Captain McPherson, who hails from Kingston, said that the Jamaican take-over took them all by surprise.

“After three years flying together, First Officer Shaun Nelson and I are now going to fly different aircraft, so this was our last flight together. We couldn’t believe that on this particular flight we had an all-Jamaican crew,” he said.

Starting the day off just right with the national dish, ackee and saltfish, the hour, 55-minute flight was brimming with excitement as even passengers celebrated the milestone.

“The passengers were also excited…we were all able to speak to them in Patois. It made for a very upbeat, fun flight and you could feel the pride and excitement of the passengers,” said Flight Attendant Stanley Franklin.

Landing safely, at 8:50 am in Miami, Duhaney made her arrival announcement, “This all-Jamaican crew would like to welcome you to Miami”, and was met with a rapturous applause.