Take two…or 50: Tanto Blacks struggles to say “Kranium”

Dancehall fusion artiste Tanto Blacks had a warm time at the studio recently, and it’s all Kranium’s fault.

Jamaican entertainer Tanto Blacks

Well, not quite. The Real Rich deejay was recording a single which played on Kranium’s 2015 hit Nobody Has to Know. All was good and well until he had to pronounce Kranium’s name.

“Kray-num,” he recited before going to the mic. He then asked the audio engineer for help.

“Kranium,” the person said.

Tanto tried to repeat it: “Kray, Kray…tek time and call it,” he requested.

“Kray-nee-yum,” the producer broke it up in syllables.



“Kray-neo,” was Blacks’ last attempt before attempting to record the line.

“See mi dweet again, nobody nah fi know like Kray-me-num said,” he sang.

At this point, the studio erupted, and Blacks sought the producer’s help again. Despite the efforts of the latter, Blacks still wasn’t getting it.

Who’s to tell when the world will ever hear that song, but at least he got the first syllable right.


Social media users took the post in jest, as is the usual reaction to all things Tanto.

“That’s why tanto don’t do many songs because one song take an entire month,” one person said.

“It’s the emphasis on the ‘KRAYMINUM’ that flatlined me,” chimed another. “If persistence was a person…come chue yah Tanto.”

“Den if him cyah pronounce balcony (bantoly) a kranium him ago pronounce??”

“Ppl forget tanto have him own dictionary.”

“Me trying to learn in online class. Leave him.”

Another added: “All n all MI love tanto.”