TallUp defends sister Danger in new song

Dancer-cum-artiste TallUp has defended her sister, Danger, following allegations that she was raped some years ago.


Nicholas Lall, the father to deejay Spice’s two children, publicised that he had sex with TallUp’s sister, Danger, while he was Spice’s road manager. However, Danger claims that it was rape.

Though Lall has maintained his innocence, social media users have been split on who to believe.

TallUp chronicles her sister’s story in a song called Danger, which samples Mystikal’s 2000 song of the same name.

Mi never give yuh mi p***y but yuh hold mi dung and tek it from mi/ How yuh did feel when yuh baby madda find out bout it?/ Yuh come a talk seh yuh f**k me out, yuh lie nuh bloodcl**t/ Yuh find di strength fi a talk and a skin yuh teeth/ Yuh nah nuh shame, yuh nah nuh style, yuh coulda beg me fi it/

She continues: “You is a loser, a cheater and a f**king liad/ You need Jesus, God and f**king prayer/ … Danger, Danger, you’re not alone, your sister’s right here…


In addition to her sister’s support, Danger also has the support of her former boss, Spice. In a recent Instagram Live, the deejay said that she wants the situation to be reported to the police regardless of the years that have elapsed.