Tamar Braxton gives Jamaican restaurant a lashing

American celebrity Tamar Braxton has come out swinging, bashing an unnamed Jamaican restaurant for their ‘unpleasant’ food.

Tamar and her boyfriend, David Adefeso, spent seven days vacationing in Jamaica earlier this month.

Although they enjoyed the sea and the sun, Tamar was not happy with the food she received at a Jamaican restaurant, and she did not hold back as she lashed out at the restaurant cooks for their ‘unpleasant’ food, stating her regret for paying US$85 for the service on the second day of their vacation.

“It was nasty.”

— Tamar Braxton

“It was nasty as [expletive]. I wish they had somebody who was [a good cook] at Aunt Tee Tees,” she said.

Not thrilled

While he seemed to enjoy the vacation, David wasn’t too thrilled with the experience at the restaurant either.

“Nothing relaxes and rejuvenates my @tamarbraxton, and I like a long vacation at a resort in the tropical Caribbean of the south. The food has been amazing so far … except that we will not return to Aunty TeeTees (names have been changed to protect the guilty),” was the caption for a video posted on his Instagram page.

Well, facts or not, some fans were not too pleased with Tamar’s criticisms, while others were more interested in finding out which restaurant they went to.