Tanya Stephens throws shade at Mo’Nique, the comedian

Tanya Stephens

Singer Tanya Stephens isn’t here for American comedian Mo’Nique’s recent ‘aunty advice’ for women wearing bonnets and pyjamas in public. In an Instagram Live on Wednesday June 2, Stephens said Mo’Nique should be focused on improving her craft instead of playing bonnet police. 

“Yuh see the time weh Mo’Nique spend a badmind Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer fi dem paycheck from Netflix, she shoulda spend dah time deh a write joke because if she did write joke and go tour the right way she woulda know seh yuh cya dress up pon flight because she woulda a fly regular,” she said.

Though Stephens said she doesn’t find the popular comic funny, she made it known that her response to Mo’Nique isn’t coming from a place of hate. Instead, Stephens spoke about the insensitive nature of trying to dictate what people should wear.

“You don’t know what people are going through on a daily basis. You don’t know what they face. You don’t know what’s going on in their heads. You do not know and you shouldn’t have to know. Nobody should have to stop and explain dem business to you fi mek yuh lef dem alone… A dem private business so if dem waan deh inna one airport lie dung inna pyjamas lef dem di f*** alone. Dem still alive and dem still a try put one foot in front of the other fi tek on a new day. Mind your business.”

Moreover, Stephens said people should dress for their destination and not the transportation. 

“Nutten can sweet me like when mi inna airport and see some gyal a struggle inna some wedge and heels… Yuh swear seh yuh a do it right and yuh waan fi mandate that stupidity so that the rest a we follow?… We weh comfortable inna fi we skin fi come outta we comfort come inna your discomfort fi follow you?… I don’t care weh yuh think of how me look… A nuh you me a go to and who me a go to want me like this.”

And just for future reference, if you want to offer Stephens any advice, scrap the “auntie” approach.  

“Yuh a nuh mi aunty, go s*** yourself. Bout ‘my nieces, this is aunty Mo’Nique, aunty Nicki’. Mi nah nuh aunty name Nicki and none a dem nuh bright enough fi tell me weh fi fly inna.”

Stephens is known to be very vocal on social media about several controversial issues. She is not intimated by the fame or status of celebs she ridicules and fans seem to love the audacious nature of the songstress.