Tatik, King Calie, Prince Saj and Jase named as Top Performa semi-finalists

Artiste King Calie

Tatik, King Calie, Prince Saj and Jase are the semi-finalists in Magnum’s Top Perform competition.

Artiste manager Romeich Major, made the announcement on Friday (November 12).

According to Romeich, he is pleased with the semi-finalists.

“They are good artistes still- I’m happy with the four who have advanced to the semi-final round. Big up to all the other contestants who passed through the competition, continue putting in the work. But me know the semi-finals nah go normal,” he said.

Artiste Tatik

Tatik and King Calie will face off first on November 18; while, Prince Saj and Jase will compete in semi-final part two on November 25.

Most of the remaining contestants shared that they remain in high spirits and with each vowing to win the competition.

“The competitor well I don’t see him as a threat- good artiste though. I think, well I don’t think- I know I will be the winner for this competition,” said Tatik.
“I am not nervous about the semi-finals and the competitor, I think he is a very good artiste and he’s been doing [music] for quite some time and a few other competitions, so no doubt that he is a well-rounded artiste, but like I said I spent years preparing for this so there is no fear,” added King Calie.

While, Prince Saj seems to have taken a different path entirely from the other finalists, having revealed that he is a Christian, noting that he’s just remaining focused rather than making any predictions about his success.

Similarly, Jase revealed he’s got his blinkers on and remains focused.

“I don’t feel anyway about who I’m, going up against, my mind is more focused on writing my songs, learning my songs to give a good performance and to deliver them properly so people can vote for me,” he added.

The winner will walk away with $1,000,000 and a music video and song produced by Romeich.

The second-place winner will receive $300,000 and a feature on a compilation riddim from Romeich, while the semi-final runners-up will receive $100,000 each.