#TechTuesdays: Xbox Series X specs revealed

It’s official! Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced the specifications for the next-generation Xbox in a blog post on Monday (Feb 24). The Xbox Series X is immensely powerful and features top-tier internals.

For starters, the Xbox Series X has custom-designed AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 chips. The new architecture delivers a whopping 12 Teraflops of GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) performance.

To put that in perspective, Microsoft’s current-gen Xbox One X beast delivers 6 Teraflops and is presently the most powerful gaming console on the market.

The upcoming Xbox also does hardware-based Raytracing. Raytracing is now only in the realm of PC gaming. However, the forthcoming Xbox promises the feature. Raytracing enables more complex and realistic lighting effects and reflections, like seeing an object’s face in a puddle of water.

These are some Beastly specs. (Photo: Microsoft)

Other confirmed hardware upgrades include SSD (Solid State Drive) storage. SSDs are commonplace in the PC gaming world. Forget spinning discs. SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives. The new technology improvement will bring speedier game loading speeds for the undoubtedly more massive game maps in next-gen games.

SSD storage will most likely contribute to Microsoft’s upcoming Quick Resume feature debuting on the next Xbox. The Quick Resume feature lets you pick up games right where you left off without pesky loading screens interrupting your gaming experience.

Of course, the next-generation Xbox console has support for 120 fps gaming. Higher refresh rates make fast-paced gaming more enjoyable and realistic.

To sweeten the deal, Microsoft promises unprecedented backwards compatibility with Xbox One games as well as Xbox 360 and even games from the first Xbox. Additionally, their Smart Delivery tech allows users to buy any Xbox Game Studio title once but play it on either the Xbox One consoles or Series X machine. That’s awesome! Especially for games that might come out on the current Xbox One consoles but will have a Series X version. That’s a welcome feature. And may pull some fans from other consoles.

Competition with the Sony PlayStation

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in November 2013. The console launched at US$499. The Sony PlayStation 4 launched at a more affordable US$399, was more powerful and had more exclusive game titles. Additionally, Sony released the PS4 a full seven days ahead of Microsoft.

Microsoft struck back with the more powerful Xbox One X to go up against the PS4 Pro. The One X is vastly superior to the original Xbox One and is more potent than the PS4 Pro. Despite the power upgrade, the damage was already done. Sony is dominating the current-gen console battle with over 100 Million PS4 devices sold.

Microsoft seems to be adjusting their focus with their upcoming machine by revealing its beastly specs before the competition. The only official news we’ve publicly received about the PlayStation 4 so far is the name and logo. 🤦🏾‍♂️

The Xbox Series X will be available this Holiday season.

Well, the bar is set, although raw specs are only part of the equation, Microsoft is off to a great start.

Let’s see what Sony has to offer.