Teejay delivers hardcore ‘Who You’ track; talks new EP

Dancehall artiste Teejay has moved to showcase his versatility with Who You, his hardcore addition to the Gold Leaf rhythm.

Teejay has released a new, hardcore track called ‘Who You’ to showcase his versatility.

Best-known for his feel good and often motivational approach to music, Teejay’s musical departure is aimed at showing he’s not one-note.

“Music has its time, so we have to do a lot of different songs and be versatile. Who You right now is the perfect song. It’s about the topic and connecting to the people. It’s dancehall so more while we haffi go hardcore wid di ting more,” the ‘Up Top Boss’ said.

“The rhythm have nuff vibes. From me hear it, the song just come outta me head.”

– Teejay

Despite being a relative newcomer, he has steadily made a name for himself in the industry with hits including Up Top Boss and Owna Lane.

His appearance on the rhythm came from a need to other earnest players in the industry such as Jerome Elvie of Natural Bond Entertainment, who produced it. “The rhythm have nuff vibes. From me hear it, the song just come outta me head,” he said.

The Montego Bay-based artiste added, “Elvie a good youth and a real youth. So from him send me the rhythm, we haffi just voice. Its music and it has no boundaries,” Teejay said. “Him a invest back inna the music, and him naw do this for hype, him a do this for longevity.”

Teejay is currently working on an EP, which he said will be “lit”, that will be released by year’s end.