Teejay drops weight loss secret

Dancehall artiste TeeJay

It’s finally out in the open BUZZ fam! Dancehall artiste Teejay has shared his secret for his massive weight loss. The Rags to Riches artiste went from “Uptop Boss” to “Slim Boss” in a matter of months, and fans were intrigued to know what exactly he did.

Well, this morning, Teejay felt generous enough to share his secret remedy with his over 800,000 Instagram followers.

“It’s just a healthy lifestyle my fans nothing to worry about am good,” he captioned the short video.

But then he expounded. “You want to know how do I lose the weight?” he asked while smoking a joint. “A mi sweet sensimilla mi nah left ya, a mi yam and banana, mi nah left ya,” he sings.

In a dramatic change of tone, TeeJay then chides his followers for not exercising.

“Uno must git up outta uno bumbocl**t bed and go run a mawning time!” he shouted. “Bout uno wah remedy!”