Teejay explains why he left Romeich Entertainment

Dancehall artiste Teejay poses with his former Manager, Romeich Major

Dancehall artiste Teejay has finally confirmed that he’s left the Romeich Entertainment camp. But according to the Rags to Riches deejay, there is no bad blood between the two, and he left because he needed to pursue some goals for 2021.

Teejay made the revelation during an interview on Sun City radio recently first reported by Urban Islandz. “Mi have accomplishments weh mi try fi complete, every year mi have things weh mi try, mi have mi goals weh mi try fi achieve every year inna life,” he said.

He is now apart of Sharon Burke’s Solid Agency.

And he ensured he clarified that his first song under the that management titled Trust is not sending some kind of subliminal message to his former camp.

“There is no bad vibes between me and Romeich Entertainment. Never. So mi nuh want unnuh a feel like dem song yah weh mi a duh wi a drop word fi each other..none a dem thing deh,” he said. Insisting that the song is based off everyday occurrences.

Teejay said he’s now focused on his debut album, and expanding his audience.

Fans of the deejay have long opined that they do not believe Teejay’s career is getting the attention it deserves under Romeich’s management.

Teejay came under Romeich Entertainment management in 2018.