Teetimus denies dissing Beenie Man

Artiste and producer Teetimus has denied dissing veteran dancehall act Beenie Man.

Dancehall artiste and producer Teetimus

According to Teetimus, the comments he made on his Instagram live last week had been taken out of context by YouTube gossip channels.

Teetimus explained that he had recently recorded a single which samples old tracks from Beenie Man’s catalogue.

However, the single’s release has been delayed by the labels who own the rights to Beenie Man’s songs, namely Old Dog and Sim Simma.

Teetimus is trying to get permission to sample Beenie Man’s songs including ‘Sim Simma’ and ‘Old Dog’.

“I never exposed Beenie Man as a sell out to the white man, these gossip sites just like to sensationalise things for views. I have the utmost respect for Beenie from days when I was a musician,” Teetimus clarified.

“My management team, Trill City Global, has had issues getting the green light from the labels after weeks of communication. It’s frustrating me because the owners of dancehall music have sold rights to these songs to labels and so artistes aren’t in control over their own music” added Teetimus.

Teetimus shared that he believes it’s sad that artistes from the 90’s don’t have much say in what happens with their material because they don’t own any percentage of the mastered files of the songs, adding that he doesn’t blame Beenie Man for the delays he is facing.

He also urged young artistes to take stock of their material and ensure that publishing includes ownership as well.

Teetimus is gearing up to release an EP entitled Bad Radio including the single Gyallis Routing which samples Beenie Man tracks.