Telegram set to dethrone WhatsApp?

WhatsApp still sits on the throne as the most popular messaging app, with a reported 1.5 billion users across the planet.

In the Caribbean, WhatsApp has such a large userbase, that most of the major telecoms companies have managed to include it in their data plan offerings.

That, however, has not stopped one of its major rivals, Telegram, from highlighting some of the major deficiencies in the app through its unique features.

With the latest round of updates from Telegram, that message became even more clear – with WhatsApp loyalists hounding the service provider to integrate some of the new features.

So, you know that brilliant 5AM message that you have to send – but don’t necessarily want to wake up the recipient to read it just yet – Voila! The update allows Telegram users to simply hold the “Send” button with the option for it to be delivered without audio then appearing.

Perhaps the most impressive feature among the lot is the option to send a note without a sound.

Same applies for workgroups, should you get an urgent idea at three in the morning – but not urgent enough to wake up everyone in your work chat.

Along with the muted messages, see the full list of updates below:

Here is the full list of features from Telegram’s latest updates:

Muted Messages

Hold the Send button to send any message without sound – in case the recipient is sleeping. 

Group Permissions
  • Enable Slow Mode in Group Permissions to control how frequently members can post.
  • Set custom titles for admins.
Thumbnail preview and Timestamps

See preview thumbnails when scrubbing through a video. 

Additional Features
  • Send animated emoji.
  • Tap the paperclip icon to open the redesigned attachment menu.
  • Toggle looped playback for animated stickers.
  • Apple users can now choose accent colours for night themes.

WhatsApp fans, these changes enough to make you switch?