Ten facts about Shawn Storm

While he’s been off the physical entertainment scene for some time, Dancehall Artiste Shawn Storm has been busy, despite his absence.

The incarcerated entertainer recently dropped his new EP entitled ‘Freedom Street’ on March 31. 

In light of his new EP, BUZZ is sharing ten facts you probably didn’t know about the Portmore Empire member.

1. Real name Shawn Campbell

Vybz Kartel’s protégé uses his first name as part of his stage name, which is kind of a unique feature among modern day Dancehall Artistes. Nowadays, most Artistes go by a moniker, even though he uses ‘Storm’ as part of his musical identity.

2. He was born in ‘Jungle’

Most if not all persons would associate Shawn Storm with the community of Portmore and rightfully so because that is where he grew up. However, the former Gaza member was actually born in the St Andrew community of Arnett Gardens, popularly known as ‘Jungle’.

3. He’s a Jose Marti Alumnus

Jamaicans are big on the high school they attended and in the case of Shawn Storm, he attended the Spanish Town based Jose Marti High School.

4. Got his break in 2007

Shawn Storm officially got his break in the music business in 2007, courtesy of none other than Vybz Kartel, when he took the aspiring deejay under his wing and started to guide him.

5. First track ‘Ghetto Yutes Be Wise’

His first track to get some traction was the single ‘Ghetto Yutes Be Wise’, which was released as part of the Empire Universe album, under the Adidjaheim label and produced by Notnice.

6. Debut EP came while incarcerated

Despite being on the scene since 2007, it wasn’t until 2016 that Vybz Kartel’s protégé released an official EP, entitled ‘Word Sound Power’. The ten track set was released on April 22 that year.

7. ‘My Life’ is his most prolific single to date

Shawn Storm has released a number of songs, but the best of the lot is apparently the single ‘My Life’, which was released in 2010. This single made Storm a household name, both locally and overseas.

8. Operates his own record label

In recent times, Storm has recorded his music through his own record label, Kwashawna Records, which was named in honour of his daughter. All his albums so far have been released under his Kwashawna Records label.

9.  Freedom Street is his fourth EP

His latest album Freedom Street is his fourth such effort and all of these have come while the entertainer has been behind bars. The others have been ‘Word Sound Power’ released in 2016, the ‘Real Sivva’, released in 2017 and Aim and Fire in 2018.

10. He is currently incarcerated

Storm is currently behind bars, serving a life sentence for murder, along with fellow stablemate Vybz Kartel. He is however appealing the ruling.