Tessanne sings for two

So songbird Tessanne has returned to the stage to wow fans vocally – but now with an amazing new experience for the award-winning entertainer – while pregnant.

She took to Instagram to share with her adoring fans about the experience. She noted that singing while pregnant was a different experience and she finds she has to sing from a different place and space. 

She describes her experience as now singing with twice the soul to make reference to her unborn baby girl and refers to herself as the singing mama.

Chin, however, is glad to continue doing what she loves and that she is able to share these moments with her daughter; even though she shared lightheartedly that her little one must be wondering, “Hey !!! What’s going on up there !?!?! Too loud !!! ?”

Since then her post has been receiving a lot of comments with persons describing her as beautiful and gorgeous among other wonderful plaudits.

One thing we can say BUZZ fam, it seems motherhood is quite be-fitting to the soulful singer as she is glowing!