Tessellated, Twitter users react in confusion to ‘uptown’ supermarket’s pine & ginger deal?

‘Ello?! This is not what Tessellated & Amindi meant enuh! (Photo: YouTube)

It is with great concern and/or befuddlement that I bring to your attention, BUZZ fam, something that has been causing me much emotional distress.

So, Abi-Gaye Smythe through her @IamToniStark_ page brought the rest of Jamaican Twitter up to speed with the latest offering from Shopper’s Fair Supermarket’s Liguanea outlet.

What is it, you may ask? Well, I’m setting up enough of a preamble because I personally feel y’all aren’t ready for what I’m about to show you.

The ‘deal’ is pineapple slices, with a whole root of ginger. Not processed, not juice, just ‘pine and ginger’.


Who came up with this? What was the thought process behind it? Why was this approved? Isn’t anyone else worried about cross-contamination?

You know, the display alone is triggering but can we talk about the pricing?? Up to $400 for some slices of pine and a clump of ginger? How sway?

So. Much. Questions.

The tweet and its imagery have elicited several reactions to the point reggae singjay Tessellated emerged to apologise for giving the world the hit single of the same name, released in 2017.

I, for one, demand an apology for this culinary travesty. Unkempt and unsanitary.