‘Thank God Koffee is here’: Ishawna wants to be left alone

Ishawna is being criticised for singing about her vagina.
(Photo: Contributed)

Danchehall artiste Ishawna is known for being controversial, and she again ruffled some feathers following the August 7 release of her Pot Of Gold music video.

“When they say all I sing about is my vagina! Thank God Koffee is here to save y’all!!!”

 —  Ishawna

Two days after premiering the visuals to the raunchy song, Ishawna sent tongues wagging with a caption that accompanied a man singing a lewd song.

“When they say all I sing about is my vagina! Thank God Koffee is here to save y’all!!! Just leave me alone mek mi be myself for crying out loud!!! Anyway…Pot Of Gold Video out now sis,” she posted.

One of Ishawna’s outfits for the ‘Pot Of Gold’ music video was inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood. (Photo: Twitter @Ishawna)

It seems her caption was triggered by criticism she has been receiving for the lyrics in her songs. While she is being lauded for the creativity shown in the Pot Of Gold music video that mimicked a fairy tale, some persons bashed her for the content of the song. “Mi tired a them type a song ya now. Come with something else. Everything about your underneath. Stop it girl and tell us about yuh school life,” one person commented on YouTube.

Seemingly undaunted by her critics, Ishawna followed up a few hours later with a screenshot of a New York Times article. “When singing about your “Vagina” gets you featured in The NY Times,” was the accompanying caption.