Thank you, Jesus! Joanna Walker happy to win Gospel Song Competition

Joanna Walker thanked the Lord for helping her to win the Gospel Song Competition. (Photos: Contributed)

Moments after she was announced as the winner of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) 2019 Gospel Song Competition, Joanna Walker was full of praises for the Lord.

It was the Saviour, she said, who deserved all the glory, as He was her sole inspiration.

“Right throughout the competition I was forced to remain grounded and knew that I had to put Jesus Christ in front, as it was He who has been guiding me throughout. He deserves all the honour, as He is the one who is responsible for this,” she said.

Walker was born in Kingston, but she represented the parish of St James, where she currently resides.

Joanna Walker was very animated as she delivered her song.

She has no intention of resting on her laurels, as she plans to use her exposure and talent to help others along the way.

“I have ambitions to get myself qualified to teach music. I love teaching and helping young people achieve their dreams,” she said.

“Right throughout the competition I was forced to remain grounded and knew that I had to put Jesus Christ in front.”

— Joanna Walker

Long before she touched the stage at the National Arena in Kingston on August 4, Walker had been honing her talent. She has been singing and writing songs for years. While at Christiana High School in Manchester, she entered the JCDC Festival of the Performing Arts and won gold, silver and bronze medals in drama, music and speech, respectively.

In 2010, she emerged as the winner of the Sandals and Beaches Encore Competition for the Caribbean. She has also earned herself a top-five place in the Open Mic International UK Competition in 2015.

Joanna Walker shows her experience while performing at JCDC’s Gospel Song Competition.

Her experience was obvious as she sauntered through her songs during the competition, as she used her superb vocal range and great stage presence to make the job of the judges easier.

Now $1 million richer and with her name now etched in Jamaica’s music history, Walker intends to continue honing her craft.

“I will continue singing for Christ and carrying his torch. I would like to take time out to salute all those who supported me and believed in me. My family, friends and loved ones. Thank you, Jesus,” she said.