Thank you, OnlyFans: D’Angel goes Porsche shopping

D'angel, BUZZ Caribbean
Dancehall artiste, D’Angel

Looks like those OnlyFans coins are really rolling in for dancehall artiste D’Angel.

The Stronger singer recently went Porsche shopping and made quite a big show out of it. Posting a video of herself at the luxury car dealership, inspecting different models of the expensive brand, D’Angel asked fans;

“Which one do you think I should get?” with the hashtag #ThanksOnlyFans

Naturally, her fans were very quick with the suggestions.

“Don’t know what them name but the grey one me like,” one fan commented.

“The red Porsche , will suit u Angel . Way to go,” another commented.

“I like the grey it’s hottt🔥🔥🔥 plus it will definitely handle the road ….yes Angie dweet big,” another added.  

While D’Angel did not make a purchase that day, fans are speculating that the self-proclaimed ‘Lady of Dancehall’ will be back soon to cop for herself one of those luxury rides.