That waistline again: Teejay gets frisky with Shaneil Muir

Dancehall artiste Teejay has been showing off his dancing skills lately, but it was his waistline that again got attention while he was on stage with Shaneil Muir recently.


The two entertainers were on stage at an event in Panama City Beach in Florida recently. It seems Shaneil was singing when Teejay joined her on stage to dance with her.

As she sang, he teased a little. Eventually, he got closer, showing off his flexibility. As he ‘wined’, Teejay’s face was quite expressive.

He captioned the video, saying: “@shaneilmuir why you a test mi 😩😩”

Shaneil responded: “Aye a weh yuh learn fi dance suh 😩”

Her comment was liked about 600 times.

Most of the 840 people who commented the video certainly took note of his wining ability.

“I see how you got your kids. It’s in the waist,” one social media user said.

“No Sah mi Boss Why are you Making baby on stage,” another added.

Several people also said that they were eager to see the two collaborate musically.

Meanwhile, Teejay recently released songs like Internet Badness, True Colours, Bubble Nuh and City Of Gods.