That’s major! Romeich gives his son big birthday surprise

Artiste manager Romeich Major gave his son, Xzander, a big surprise on Friday, popping up at his United States home ahead of his birthday on Monday.

Romeich Major and his son, Xzander

In a video Romeich shared on Instagram on Friday, he is seen walking up the stairs inside a house. He then walks quietly towards the teenager’s room and knocks on the door.

When he opened the door, Xzander was in shock.

Oh my God,” Xzander said. “I knew it! I knew it was you,” he said as he hugged his dad, giving him a few slaps on his back in the process.

“You lied to me. What’s wrong with you?,” he continued, as Romeich reminded him that he had promised to give him a major surprise for his birthday.

Best birthday gift

Romeich, in his caption, said that he will be spending the entire weekend with his son.

“Monday is @xtramajorr bday so all he asked for was for me to come spend his day with him so I told him I can’t because I have work but had to move around things and come make sure my biggest motivation happy!!!! Love u son so we gonna get a entire weekend,” he said.

Xzander also reposted the video on Instagram. “I think I got the best birthday gift I could’ve asked for,” he said in his caption.

Romeich’s post has been liked more than 41,000 times, and there were tons of comments.

“Sweet like sugah! 🥺 @romeichentertainment. Much luv and respect to you and all the great Dads out there! This is wonderful,” media personality Miss Kitty said.

Entertainer Spice added: “The things that matter the most to them.”

There was even a comment from politician Lisa Hanna, who said: “Love love love this ❤️‼️❤️ @romeichentertainment.”