The 10 best-looking dancehall artistes

Admit it, their lyrics may be tight but their looks and swag are probably their biggest appeal to many of their fans. Men with a killer flow are hot but add a dash of charisma and even the slightest pinch of sex appeal to back it up, and we’re in heaven.

Dancehall artiste Shaggy is still a fan favourite but it’s for more than his distinct tones.

Women have scaled fences, dodged security guards and begged to be snuck backstage just bask in the presence of their favourite artistes. And, if left alone and given half a chance, some would chance the opportunity to do even more.

Below is a list of dancehall hit-makers who make women swoon and take deep dives into their DMs.

Just look at that face! Sasco not only makes the list, he is the list!

A focus group of women 18 to 50 were surveyed and gave their opinions on the artistes. While there were some skirmishes as faves were left off and others not given the rank they ‘deserve’, they mostly agreed that our listicle captures the best of the BUZZ-worthy best!

Take a read and see if your favourites made the cut!

1. Agent Sasco: That husky voice gets us every time.

2. Dexta Daps: His eyes alone have caused serious rifts in some relationships as now men want to prevent their women from ‘bringing it to the owner’s’ shows unattended.

Going to see the “Owna’s” show unattended? Not happening!

3. Konshens: He carries his reticent persona like a sexy armour and women want to get to know the mysterious man behind the music, and those sexy IG posts.

4. Sean Paul: It’s been two decades  but women are still shouting “I’m still in love with you, boy” to Mr Henriques.

 5. Damian Marley:  Trust us, there is a legion of women who want to shampoo the ‘Gongzilla’s locks right now.

I mean…what else is there to say?!

6. Protoje: His boy-next-door charm works well for him, and we recall quite well what they say about the quiet ones.

7. Baby Cham: The veteran artiste surely knows how to make the ladies blush. It’s safe to say they want the “Vitamin S”.

8. Spragga Benz: One woman remarked that when he smiled at her, the rest of her day was made perfect. That’s quite a gift!

9. Kiprich: Women idolise a man who has a good sense of humour. What better way to get in good with the opposite sex?


10. Shaggy: Ageing like a fine wine, ‘Mr Boombastic’ is still incredibly fantastic. Our very own Denzil Washington, if we may.

Did your fave make the list? Let us know what you think of our choices and who you think should have made the cut in the comments!