#BlackoutTuesday sends Internet into ‘dark mode’

Internet users across the world are waking up to find their social media much different than how they left it before bed.

Protesters lit building on fire to demand justice for the killing of unarmed black man, George Floyd (Photo: New York Times)

Black squares have taken over Instagram and other social platforms in support of #BlackoutTuesday, an online movement intended to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, where protests have been ongoing for a week since the death of George Floyd.

The initiative prompts users to participate by posting a black square to show their stance against racial inequality and police brutality in the US, while committing to refrain from any other posts for the day.

Widespread protests have swept the US as people demand justice in the death of George Floyd.

Blackout Tuesday is intended to give a voice to black people and encourages them to ‘disconnect from work and reconnect with their community’ amid the social injustices being meted out against them.

Some activists and participants have criticised the use of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag with the black squares, noting that it ends up highlighting only the black squares and not the work or involvement of black people in the movement. Instead, they say participants should use #BlackoutTuesday to show support, and reserve #BlackLivesMatter for posts that provide useful information on the movement and how people can get involved.

Messages and comments of support have flooded posts, with several companies and famous personalities showing support for the cause.