‘The Journey Chosen’: Spragga Benz promoting new album

What started in 2018 as a memorial tribute for his son, Carlton ‘Carlyle’ Grant Jr, has turned into a full-length album for dancehall artiste Spragga Benz.

The entertainer lost his son in 2008. Two years ago, Spragga decided to do a tribute to Carlyle by teaming up with his school friend, Lamar Reynolds, the producer and owner of LMR Pro.

What started as a song called Never Leave eventually turned into an album, The Journey Chosen, that was released on Monday, September 28, on Spragga’s Redsquare Productions label.  

In addition to the emotional Never Leave that has the voice of Carlyle and the bass guitar of Salaam Remi, Spragga’s album has 10 other tracks. There are collaborations with Wayne Wonder, Ky-mani Marley, Konshens, Kranium and Jahaziel.

The morning after releasing the album, Spragga, who released another album called Chiliagon in 2019, turned to Instagram to get feedback on the project.

“Mek me know if mi put a album too quick, if mi neva spend enough time a mek or if yuh love all a di works weh deh pon it or wah a yuh favourite song,” the veteran deejay said on Instagram.

And, his fans were quick to respond.

“Noooo man, never rush it at all. The album well upful,” one person said.