The Mercedes Vision AVTR looks like a Batmobile

Mercedes, the creator of the first automobile, unveiled a futuristic concept car inspired by the 2009 movie AVATAR. While some manufacturers brought large, 8K televisions, foldable devices and plant-based pork to C.E.S Mercedes brought (arguably) the most head-turning piece of tech, in the form of the futuristic, Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR.

The Vision AVTR or “ADVANCED VEHICLE TRANSFORMATION” is an awe-inspiring concept car designed to generate interest in a more sustainable motor vehicle. The car is the result of collaborative efforts by Mercedes and the creators of 2009, record-breaking movie AVATAR.

First off, there’s no steering wheel. Instead, the “driver” maneuverers the car with a hand on the centre console. The vehicle reacts by sensing the user’s heartbeat and breathing, initialising the machine. The car links to the user through the control unit on the centre console. The link is an essential aspect of the AVTR experience, merging technology with humans while enhancing the senses.

The interior continues the futuristic appeal with a giant, curved, display that flows from the centre console and branches to the front of both the two seats.

Vision AVTR uses Vegan seat materials. (Photo: Mercedes Benz)

In keeping with the sustainable theme of the AVTR, the seats are vegan DINAMICA® leather, held in place by a back-seat shell, decorated in colour-changing fabrics. Mercedes also included organic battery technology based on graphene technology. The tech eliminates earth metals and, according to Mercedes, makes the battery “100% recyclable due to the materiality.” Additionally, the battery should enable super-fast charging. Mercedes claims a full charge could take only 15 minutes. At full power, the vehicle has 700 kilometres of range.

The bionic flaps have dual purposes. (Photo: Mercedes Benz)

The exterior is equally eye-catching. The car’s body consists of smooth curves rather than harsh angles. There’s a massive light bar that flows across the entire front of the car, above a lit Mercedes logo. Toward the back, another light bar forms the tail light. Also, the vehicle bears some strange additions on the rear. The Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR has 33 “bionic flaps” that look like reptile scales. These scales or “multi-directionally movable surface elements” help supply energy to the car and function to connect the driver with the what’s happening outside the vehicle. However, it’s unclear how Mercedes plans to accomplish this feat.

Additionally, the AVTR ditches traditional tyres for illuminated spheres. The rounded wheels along with intelligent all-wheel drive technology enable the car to move sideways at 30 degrees, sort of like a crab.

The Vision AVTR is like no other car to date. Forget the Tesla Model S or the Porsche Taycan. The AVTR pushes the known limits to even greater heights, with bright colours advanced technology and exciting design, much like the massive hit movie. The vehicle is not available for purchase and the one shown on stage is a prototype. However, the AVTR represents Mercedes’ vision for a bright, sustainable future.