The PlayStation 5 was revealed today and the Internet lost its collective mind

The wait is over! After months of speculation, Sony Interactive today, June 11, released details on the much-anticipated PlayStation 5.

In a live-stream, the company said revealed that the next-generation gaming console will be available later this year. The launch comes seven years after the PS4 arrived is expected to compete with Microsoft’s coming Xbox Series X.

Highlighting the console’s features are improved visuals and customised hard drive that will reduce load times.

However, what has generated the greatest chatter is the PS5’s gaming library which will launch with a slew of exclusive new titles.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games across consoles.

Among the games being touted are Project Athia (fron the same developers who gave us Final Fantasy 15), Destruction Allstars, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hitman 3 and Godfall.

Classics have also been revealed, but with updates, including Grand Turism 7 and an enhanced Grand Theft Auto 5.

A new Spider-Man game with an Afro-Latino lead was also revealed.

A new Spider-Man game will also sling its webbed way to the console with an Afro-Latino teenager, Miles Morales, as the title character.

The PS4 has sold approximately 108 million units since launch, compared to 53 million Nintendo Switch consoles and 49 million Xbox Ones.

Check out some reactions from Twitter below: