‘The Social House’ premieres with cooking challenge for influencers

Who will rule The Social House?

Followers of Jamaica’s newest reality show, The Social House, will have to wait until Wednesday evening to find out how four of the island’s biggest influencers did on their first challenge.

Social media comedians Rohan ‘QP’ Perry, Mick’el ‘Fatskull’ Matthews, alongside entrepreneur Kerry-Ann ‘Chiney K’ Collins, and dancer/actress Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman faced off in a 25-minute cooking challenge in the show’s premiere on Monday.

Dubbed a “social experiment”, The Social House sees the influencers living under one roof and competing in a string of points-based competitions. The influencer with the most points at the end of the season will win one million dollars.

Aired on the show’s Youtube channel, the first episode saw the contestants checking in at an upscale residence and sharing their plans should they win the cash prize.

Though Chatman revealed that she’s afraid of heights and is far from adventurous, she is open to the competitions as she’d want the money to “help out my family members or invest it in a business or help the children’s home.”

Matthews, on the other hand, admitted that he was nervous but didn’t let that break his confidence.

“When I win my one million dollars, I’ll be buying my first Porsche 2021,” he said (or joked).

Collins intends to invest the money in her Joli Faire hair business should she win, while Perry will make an investment of his own.

“Boy wants to live somewhere, him don’t want to be on the roadside so I’m a likkle bit responsible so I’m going to put it into the QP housing fund.”

Cooking challenge

Apparently, there ought to have been a fifth surprise influencer, podcaster Netania ‘Nets Jenner’ Mundell. Her introductory tape was interrupted by an announcement that she had dropped out of the show. The awkward scene out of the way, it was competition time.

The cooking challenge was powered by CB Foods and saw the contestants getting a mystery basket from which they were to create a meal with all products. Collins best explained the predicament.

“I’ve never been so confused in my life, it was too much going on,” she said. “There is chicken then there’s carrots then there is all kind of weh yuh call dah something deh? Powder seasoning. One deggeh, deggeh pepper, ramen noodles, eggs and sausage – it’s like breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything in one.”

The pressure was surely on for Perry who is undoubtedly the King of burning food like escovitch fish.

“Unno haffi go send me home,” he cried. “Mi nuh know how fi chop up dem something yah (meat included).”

Matthews was the most collected but equally sceptical about whipping up a good meal in 25 minutes.

As for Chatman, she was busy consulting with host Rushane ‘Rushcam’ Campbell on how to incorporate all the products. Chatman, who also appears in the Dancehall Life reality show with friends Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson and Tashlicka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird, isn’t exactly known for cooking. Laird typically handles breakfast while Nelson cooks dinner.

The episode culminated with the influencers cutting their meat. The winner will be revealed today as per the show’s online schedule.

The aftershow will unfold on the show’s Instagram page at 7:30 pm.