‘The streets taught me how to fire a gun’: Shaggy shares why he joined the US marines

Dancehall superstar Shaggy is calling on servicemen and women to share the reasons they joined the military.

It was recently Veterans Day in the US and Shaggy was honoured for his tenure in the US Marines. He used the opportunity to share the reason why he joined the military.

He related that living in Brooklyn he was running with a crowd he shouldn’t be with and needed to get off the streets. He noted that the military changed his life.

He, however, asserted that he joined the US Marines to protect the liberties that Americans now enjoy and some take for granted. He then thanked the servicemen and women for their service and called on others to share their stories why they joined.

Shaggy joined the Marines at a young age and had even participated in the first Gulf War in 1990. Following an honourable discharge, he took up reggae and has since had many successes to include two platinum-selling albums.