The Virgos: Romain and wife Elizabeth start YouTube channel

If you’ve not had a laugh today, you should probably head over to YouTube and watch the intro video for singer Romain Virgo and wife Elizabeth’s new channel.

Romain Virgo and wife Elizabeth

The couple now has a YouTube channel called ‘The Virgos’, and for their first video, there was non-stop laughter. The video, titled ‘We’ve Started Our YouTube Channel’, was five-minutes long with at least four minutes of jokes, singing, bloopers and Elizabeth suggesting that Romain’s brief might be too tight.

“We are excited to show you more of our fun side.”

— Elizabeth

The channel went live on Thursday afternoon, and within an hour their first video had more than 5,000 views. And, there are already more than 1,600 subscribers on the page.

In sharing the news of their YouTube channel, Elizabeth made a post on her Instagram page, sharing a snippet of their first video.

“We are excited to show you more of our fun side and we hope you will enjoy to the max!!! #TheVirgos,” she said in the caption.

While thanking the public for their support, the couple also explained that they were being encouraged to start a channel and share aspects of their lives.

“Starting this channel was definitely harder than we thought. We can’t believe this video that should have taken us one minute, took over one hour to complete. Nevertheless, we are super happy to finally be here and we hope you will enjoy,” they said in the description for the video.

Based on how people reacted to news of their engagement, marriage and birth of their children, it is no surprise that the channel is already getting a lot of support.

“I love Romain for his music but now Liz for her personality makes me love the VIRGOS, even more.. this is gonna be INTERESTED and I’m here for it,” one viewer said.

We’re excited to see The Virgos on YouTube! Are you gonna like, comment and subscribe?