Mumma Heavy! Jada Kingdom has entered the #BussItChallege

It feels like the world has been waiting with bated breath, but finally we can exhale: Jada Kingdom has finally hopped on the #BussItChallenge.

Recording artiste Jada Kingdom

The WiN singer shared her glorious attempt at the viral TikTok challenge yesterday, much to the joy of her fans.

With the aim being to show the transformation from quarantine drab to eye-popping fab, Jada Kingdom slays the challenge with some ease. The EastSyde queen moves from white bathroom robe and hair bonnet to a steamy sexy black number, complete with waist-length straight blond hair while twerking like no one’s watching. Except we all watched, repeatedly.

One fan shared the sentiment of many with “Been waiting for this one”, while another said “Muma heavy has entered the chat”.

The TikTok video was also shared to her Instagram and Twitter pages with the simple caption, “See’t yah!” because what else could be said?

The challenge, which is done to a mix of Nelly’s Hot in Herre and Erica Banks’ Buss It, has found online popularity through the participation of numerous TikTok mega influencers and high-profile celebrities including Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union.